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Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

Macau’s heritage is as colorful and diverse as the architecture you’ll find lining the streets! The integration of Portuguese and Chinese heritage creates a unique mix that is evident throughout all aspects of Macau including architecture, food and beverage, language, historical sites and more.

This allows team-building activities to integrate cultural heritage education into the backdrop of some events. Guided (and self-guided) tours allow your group to explore all of Macau’s past events. The Amazing Race is held in the historical district of San Malo near Senado Square and covers a variety of key historical locations.

If your group is interested in further exploring Macau’s UNESCO World Heritage sites on their own, be sure not to miss a few key locations, including:

  • San Malo and Senado Square
  • A Ma Temple
  • Ruins of St. Paul’s
  • St. Lawrence’s Church
  • Mount Fortress