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The Cookout

EVENT: The Cookout (Hong Kong only)

DURATION: Approximately 3 hours

COST PER PERSON (based on 16 pax): HKD1,200

Have you ever imagined yourself and your team in a full chef’s uniform working out of your office? Justwork offers two theme of cooking challenges:

Classic Challenge

Choosing from our 10+ recipes ,everyone can become Gordon Ramsay and cook a dish together. Classic Challenge takes culinary experience to another level, not only improving individual’s confidence and communications, also learn to work more effectively as a team. Each team will start with only a recipe and “cookout currency”, and you will have to put your best foot forward to negotiate and get the ingredients you need for your team to complete the dish.

Mystery Box Challenge

Looking for a more challenging cooking event? Get your Team to think OUTSIDE the box, by using only what is in the box with our Mystery Box Challenge!

Each team will receive a box of ingredients from which they will have to design one dish within limited resources. Team could exchange their unique ingredient with other teams. No one will know the contents of the mystery box until all is revealed on the day. Also No one will know what the final dish taste like!

The Cookout (Hong Kong) includes:

  • Venue for the event
  • All required materials for the event
  • Professional facilitator
  • Flexible debriefing
  • On-site photography of your event
  • Material delivery, setup and dismantle
  • Pre-event consultation