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Knock On Effect

EVENT: Knock On Effect

DURATION: Approximately 3 hours

COST PER PERSON (based on 20 pax): HKD1,050

Exclusively Offered By JustWork

What can you possibly do with tin-cans, umbrella, toy car, duct tape? These items may all seem irrelevant but with you and your team’s creative minds & effort, these can be constructed into a crucial part of a machine!

Each team will plan, design and construct their own machine. Which they will be communicating and interact with other teams to “connect” the machines together one after another. After the series of small machines are all merged together, teams will be testing and retesting to ensues, with all participants making the final adjustments to their creations to ensure that it will flow from start to finish with a bang! All teams will unite and trigger the “knock-on Effect” machine, which is full of gasps and excitement!

Knock On Effect includes:

  • All required materials for the event
  • Professional facilitator
  • Flexible debriefing
  • On-site photography of your event
  • Material delivery, setup and dismantle
  • Pre-event consultation

*Also available in Hong Kong!