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What's On

Beer Brewlab

EVENT: Beer Brewlab (Hong Kong only) DURATION: Approximately 3 hours COST PER PERSON (based on 12 pax): HKD1,500
Event Overview The art of beer crafting dates back 7,000 years ago, when it was a pleasure only for the richest. Our Beer crafting & tasting workshop will take you back in time to learn about the history of...
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The Cookout

EVENT: The Cookout (Hong Kong only) DURATION: Approximately 3 hours COST PER PERSON (based on 16 pax): HKD1,200
Have you ever imagined yourself and your team in a full chef’s uniform working out of your office? Justwork offers two theme of cooking challenges: Classic Challenge Choosing from our 10+ recipes ,everyone can become Gordon Ramsay and cook a...
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Skywalk X

EVENT: Skywalk X MAX GROUP SIZE: 25 pax (per walk) DURATION: Approximately 30 minutes COST PER PERSON (based on 15 pax): HKD688
330 meters above the pavement, enjoy a walk around the outer rim of Macau Tower. Swing, run and slide your way 360 degrees around Macau Tower with amazing views. Located at the iconic Macau Tower, Skywalk...
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Knock On Effect

EVENT: Knock On Effect DURATION: Approximately 3 hours COST PER PERSON (based on 20 pax): HKD1,050
Exclusively Offered By JustWork What can you possibly do with tin-cans, umbrella, toy car, duct tape? These items may all seem irrelevant but with you and your team’s creative minds & effort, these can be constructed into a crucial part of...
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